The Party Starter

When the night falls and the party spirit rises, "The Party Starter" with Vibe Mamabolo becomes your ultimate soundtrack to an unforgettable weekend experience. Spanning the peak hours of Friday night into the early tendrils of Saturday morning, this show is a non-stop celebration of life, energy, and music. Vibe Mamabolo, with his electrifying personality and unmatched taste in music, curates and delivers DJ mixes that are sure to get your heart racing and your body moving. It's more than just a show; it's the essence of every great night out, captured on the airwaves.

With an expertly curated selection of the hottest DJ mixes, "The Party Starter" ensures that the pulse of the party beats strong. From the latest club bangers to timeless dance anthems, Vibe keeps the energy high and the vibes right.

This show thrives on the energy and input of its listeners. Vibe invites you to request your favorite tracks, give shoutouts, and share your party moments, making "The Party Starter" a collective celebration of the weekend spirit. Let "The Party Starter" with Vibe Mamabolo be the highlight of your weekend. From epic beats to interactive fun, this show is your ticket to kicking off the weekend right.

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