Old School Hangout with Kea

Kea Ratlhagane is the presenter of Old School Hangout on YOU FM every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Kea was born in Rustenburg and spent her formative years in Mpumalanga and Mafikeng. She studied at the film school, AFDA, where she obtained her motion picture honours degree.

In her spare time, Kea enjoys traveling to and immersing herself in various cultures and languages. Her love for storytelling has helped her develop a deep appreciation for different traditions. Kea’s goal is to be recognised, on a global scale, as one of the best broadcasters in the world and make a difference in people’s lives through radio.

Kea’s show, The Old School Hangout, is a trip down memory lane, featuring classic tunes that will awaken your nostalgia. Her unique voice and vibe bring the show to life, making it a perfect way to spend your Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Despite being new to the radio scene, Kea’s passion for the industry shines through. She hopes to continue making waves in the field and become a household name. Get ready to tune in and hang out with Kea Ratlhagane on The Old School Hangout every Saturday on YOU FM!