YOU @ Dawn

Kaynam Black – Sports Presenter on Convoy wit You and Host of Saturday 2am to 6am

Kaynam Black is a 25-year-old radio personality and trained actor who was born and raised in Tembisa, Gauteng. He currently lives in Brits, North West, and holds a BA degree in Media Studies (honors) from the University of Limpopo.

Kaynam is the sports presenter on Convoy with YOU with the Queen of Pitori. He also hosts his own show on Saturday mornings from 2am to 6am. His show offers a mix of music, entertainment, news, current events, interviews with guests, and listener interaction through phone-ins, text messages, and social media.

Apart from sports, Kaynam is a travel enthusiast and loves checking out cool spots such as art galleries, pop-up markets, thrift shopping, beer festivals, and fashion shows. He is a proud father of a two-year-old daughter and a big advocate for mental health awareness.

Kaynam got into radio while completing his degree, and his ultimate dream is to become the best in the industry. He has interviewed plenty of celebrities during his campus radio time as the weekly breakfast show host, and as an actor, he has been featured in TV and film productions such as Amadreadlocks and House of Zwide. In the theatre world, Kaynam has starred in several plays, including Mane Markos, Elliot, and Woman’s Desire.

Kaynam admires the loyalty, engagement, diversity, and adaptability of the YOU FM audience, and believes that the brand speaks directly to the listener, encouraging them to take ownership of their own content. He hopes to create his own highlights at YOU FM and continue to provide an engaging and entertaining listening experience for the YOU FM audience.