Rapper Reason recently made headlines after deciding to take a shot at amapiano as Sizwe Alakine. The rapper collaborated with DJ Maphorisa on a song titled Khanda Shisa in July, as a comeback into the music industry.

In a recent interview with #YouWithTheBoys, he explained how he decided to release the song under the name Sizwe Alakine.

Reason entered the music industry as a hip hop artist in 2005. After releasing ‘Breathe,’ he became popular in the hip-hop scene. As a result of the track’s popularity, rappers Proverb and Tumi Molekane collaborated. He has won awards and performed internationally. He has collaborated with a number of popular amapiano artists since crossing over to the genre, including DJ Maphorisa on ‘Khanda Shisa’.

Tell us about Reason vs Sizwe

“Sizwe is an upcoming artist and reason is a legend, that’s it! The Reason brand for me has always been one with poetry, lyricisms and storytelling It feels like I was Reason my whole life just to be Sizwe Alakine. “here are a lot of things I did under humility when I was Reason out of respect and the love for the music. Now I am open to experiencing whatever”

According to Reason, his name “Sizwe Alakine” has changed his life for the better. The former rapper’s decision to go into the Amapiano genre has proven to be the right one for his music career. Reason has spoken of how the Yanos has changed his life.

Why did you archive all your images as Reason and pushed all the images of Sizwe Alakine to the front?

Thanks to Instagram, we have something called archive, and it’s crazy looking back on the footage from 2013 to 2015 when Reason was at its peak, and it’s almost as if, “It feels like I’ve been Reason my whole life just to be Sizwe Alakine.”

Taking to social media, he has also opened up on how he has never topped the trends on YouTube after his song ‘Ujola Nobani’ featuring Young Stunna made it to 32K views in two days.

Reason concluded by giving a shout out to his team and all his fans who stood by him.

Listen to the full interview below:

Listen to the interview below for more:

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