The Party Starter

Welcome to the "PARTY STARTER" with Sydney Letsapa, the electrifying prelude to your Saturday night. As the sun sets, Sydney kicks off the evening with a high-energy mix of hit music, listener-driven interactions, and electrifying DJ mixes that promise to get your feet moving and your heart pumping. This four-hour fiesta is designed to catapult you into the night with the right mood, the best tunes, and a community vibe that's all about enjoying the moment.

This show has a playlist that's bursting with chart-toppers, club bangers, and party anthems. From the latest hits to timeless dance tracks, the "PARTY STARTER" is your gateway to the music that defines the night. Experience the magic of live DJ sets that blend genres, remix favourites, and introduce new beats to keep the energy high.

Whether you're getting ready to go out, hosting a party at home, or simply looking to enjoy some great tunes, Sydney sets the scene for an unforgettable night. It's the perfect soundtrack to your preparations and celebrations, ensuring that the party starts long before you hit the dance floor.

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