YOU at Dawn

As Saturday begins to unfold in the quiet hours of the early morning, "YOU AT DAWN" with Sbingelelo Nhlengethwa offers a unique musical sanctuary. This is the time when the night's energy begins to mellow, and the anticipation of the weekend ahead starts to build. Sbingelelo, with his intuitive connection to music and listeners, curates a show that’s all about engaging with the audience through compelling music choices and heartfelt interactions.

It's a show that celebrates the peace and potential of early mornings, providing a soundtrack that resonates with the soulful side of weekends.

Sbingelelo dives deep into an eclectic mix of genres to bring you a selection of tracks that fit perfectly with the early dawn. From soothing melodies that calm the soul to uplifting tunes that gently raise your spirits, the music is always right on "YOU AT DAWN."

At the heart of the show is the connection with listeners. Sbingelelo invites you to share your stories, song dedications, and requests, making "YOU AT DAWN" a shared experience that’s enriched by its audience. It’s a space where your voice is heard and your music preferences matter. Make "YOU AT DAWN" with Sbingelelo Nhlengethwa a part of your weekend ritual. Let the blend of beautiful music and engaging conversation enrich your early morning moments.

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