Morena Matsena


As the night transitions into the early whispers of dawn, "The YOU AT DAWN" with Morena Matsena becomes a sanctuary for those not quite ready to say goodnight. This unique show caters to the late-night revellers, the early morning workers, and everyone in between who seeks solace in music and companionship in the wee hours. Morena Matsena hosts this tranquil yet engaging show, blending soothing music selections with meaningful listener interactions to create a sense of community, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Morena's warm and inviting presence provides companionship during the loneliest hours. His engaging manner and genuine interest in listener stories turn the show into a comforting beacon for those awake in the early hours.

Join Morena Matsena on "The YOU AT DAWN" for a show that’s as varied and vibrant as its listeners. Whether you're coming home from a night out, starting your day before the sun, or simply seeking some good music and company, Morena is there to guide you through the early dawn with ease and warmth.


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