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Mental Health - The silent killer:
In conversation with Penny Lebyane


The month of October has been declared Mental Health Awareness Month with the objective of not only educating the public about mental health but also reducing the stigma and discrimination that people with mental illness are often subjected to.

An estimated 400 million people worldwide suffer from mental or neurological disorders.

You with the Boys speak to Penny Lebyane a Social Activist, Media Personality, and advocate for mental health. She has openly spoken out on the importance of mental health and shared her own experience battling and living with mental illness.

Speaking to the Boys, Penny says people have the responsibility to take care of themselves and prioritize their mental wellbeing.

"I got into the space barely 17 or 18 and dealing with a lot of adults who are ignorant or misinformed about mental health issues or even basic human rights, labour rights and just the pressure of the industry is very toxic; there is no guide."

"There's a lot of perceptions that are made facts and when you go against the tide, which I did a lot of, that really takes a lot out of you. You find yourself dealing with racism but you have no idea what it is, sexism and you have no idea what it is, misogyny, I dealt with that".
- Penny Lebyane, media personality and mental health activist

"People start drinking which leads to addiction, then become alcoholics. People don't sleep, are never at home, or understand the importance of eating well. People have so many people in their lives yet don’t have real relationships. All those things are problematic and they contribute to the state of one's mental wellness."
- Penny Lebyane, media personality and mental health activist

"I think the misconception about mental illness, is that people think successful people don't have challenges around mental illness and that's a lie"
- Penny Lebyane, media personality and mental health activist

"It firstly starts with personal work you need to do; you need to understand who you are and what are the challenges you are dealing with. Take responsibility for yourself before the industry can do anything for you."
- Penny Lebyane, media personality and mental health activist

"You can give people an opportunity, you can be the voice, you can empower people.! You can be an advocate for so many things. You need to know what you stand for, know what those things are about, and be willing to stand for them, that’s the stuff that leads to how you take care of yourself."

Every day people are threatened by if you don't do this, it's going to do this so you live with this perpetual fear of I’m never going to get there – I'm never going to be good enough - And that is not good for anyone with mental illness.
- Penny Lebyane, media personality and mental health activist

"You need to know sleeping is important, eating is important, rest time is important, do whatever you can do to cultivate energy to do the work that's expected of you- we don’t talk enough about that."

Listen to the full interview below:

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