Midday Boost

Need an afternoon lift? "Midday Boost" with Mashel Mokale is your go-to source for energy, entertainment, and excitement during those midday hours. It's here that silliness reigns supreme, laughter is the best medicine, and every day is an adventure.

Mashel Mokale, with her infectious energy and unparalleled humour, guarantees to transform your ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary journey filled with giggles, games, and good vibes. Dive into segments designed to bring out your inner child. From hilarious challenges and quirky quizzes to funny listener stories and comedic sketches, "Midday Boost" is your midday escape from the mundane.

Shake off the afternoon slump and inject some fun into your day with "Midday Boost." Whether you're at work, at home, or on the go, Mashel is here to deliver your daily dose of laughter, energy, and adventure.

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