Night Time with YOU

As the moon rises and the world quiets down, "Night Time with You" with Kgosi Tshimega begins its journey into the night, bringing together a community of listeners through the power of hit music and engaging conversations.

It's a show where the playlist is as diverse as the stories shared over the airwaves, creating an intimate atmosphere that feels like a late-night chat with a friend. Kgosi, with his charismatic presence, guides you through the night with tunes, talks, and a touch of magic that only the night can bring. From the latest chart-toppers to timeless classics across all genres, "Night Time with You" is all about playing the hits that you love. The music keeps the night alive, setting the perfect backdrop for whatever the night has in store. This is your show as much as it is ours. Kgosi dedicates segments of the show to listener-chosen music, creating a playlist that’s as unique and diverse as our audience. Share your favourite tracks, and hear them echo through the night.

Let "Night Time with You" with Kgosi Tshimega be the soundtrack to your night. Whether you’re winding down, working late, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the night, we’re here to keep you company with great music and engaging conversations.

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