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"YOU AT DAWN" with Kabza Global is the early bird's treasure trove of soulful tunes and meaningful connections. In the quiet hours of Monday morning, as the world transitions from the silence of the night to the promise of a new day, Kabza Global brings you a curated selection of music accompanied by engaging listener interactions. This show is designed to provide comfort, motivation, and a sense of community to those awake in the early hours, whether they're wrapping up a night shift, embarking on an early start, or finding solace in the calm of dawn.

Kabza Global dives deep into the world of music to bring you a mix that's both uplifting and soothing, perfectly complementing the unique atmosphere of the early dawn. Expect a blend of genres, from gentle acoustic melodies to inspiring beats that promise to kickstart your week on a positive note.

"YOU AT DAWN" is not just about the music; it's about the stories and voices of our listeners. Engage in real-time conversations with Kabza, share your early morning musings, and connect with a community of fellow early risers.

Join "YOU AT DAWN" with Kabza Global and embrace the beauty of early mornings with music that moves you and conversations that connect you. It’s the perfect prelude to your week, offering a blend of serenity and energy that only the dawn can inspire.

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