You can significantly reduce the calories of every meal by substituting water for high-calorie beverages, as well as improve digestion and boost metabolism.

We tend to lose sight of those liquid calories that go down so easily when we are trying to lose weight. When we diet, we tend to reduce a certain food or macronutrient. In other words, changing what you drink can make a significant difference in weight loss. Choose the healthiest liquids for weight loss instead of saying “no” to certain beverages.


It has been shown that coconut water lowers blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. For extra flavour, you can add some chopped fruit or fruit juice to it. If you like the taste of coconut, feel free to drink it in its simple form. But if you want a pure zero-calorie or low-calorie, drink it alone. 

  • Cut the coconut meat into two-inch pieces. 
  • Cut enough to measure approximately a half cup. 
  • Place the coconut meat into the blender or Vitamix container,
  •  add the filtered water, and blend. 
  • Voila, you’ve made your own coconut water!


The cucumber contains almost 90% water and almost no calories. Also, it is high in nutrients and a good source of chlorophyll. 

  • Add 1 celery stalk, 
  • 3 medium-sized cucumbers and 
  • 4 large kale leaves in a blender and blend them until you get a smooth juice with no lumps. 
  • You can add some black salt to it for taste.


Since cucumbers are mainly composed of water, they are hydrating vegetables. The digestive system is cleansed by the citric acid in lemons. It is a great combination between mint and cucumber and enhances the taste of the drink, and because it has minimal calories, it makes a great weight loss drink. 

  • Slice 1 lemon, 
  • 1/2 cucumber 
  • and 10 mint leaves. 
  • Mix it in 6 cups of water
  •  and let it steep overnight. 
  • Sip on it the next day. 


  • If you don’t add any extra ingredients such as honey or any other sweetener to green tea, it has no calories. Although it might taste strange, there is no gain without pain. 
  • Prepare some green tea alone without any other ingredients and consume it warm, sip by sip.


You must be familiar with this dietary classic. Besides assisting us in weight loss, it also improves digestion and prevents fluid retention and inflammation. Ginger can help maintain a healthy weight in general as well as reduce belly fat since it has no calories. 

  • Heat up 2 cups of water. 
  • Add 1-2 inch of sliced ginger to the boiling point water and stew for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Have it alone without any other ingredient. 


There are many apple cider drinks available in the market that contain very little fibre and are loaded with sugary, calorie-rich syrups. You can make your own with low calories. 

  • Simmer 1-quart apple cider with orange zest,
  •  whole cloves, 
  • and cinnamon sticks in a large pot for five minutes. 
  • Strain and enjoy!


The ingredients are:

  •  Half a teaspoon of turmeric, 
  • a pinch of ginger powder, 
  • Half a lemon juice, and a cup of water. 
  • Mix everything together and consume. 
  • Additionally, this juice prevents gallstones and cleans your bowels in addition to flushing toxins from your liver. There are no calories in it either!

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